About us


AdviceZone is the trading name for CoEqual Ltd. We have set up AdviceZone because we passionately believe that in a modern, democratic society everyone should be able to access, understand and use their legal rights. We offer affordable, reliable, and easy to access and understand advice about your legal rights.

The current legal system and the advice sector that were initially intended to facilitate people’s access to justice have distanced themselves from their objectives. In the last few years getting good advice about your legal rights has become very difficult or very expensive.

The Legal Aid cuts, the local authority cuts to the public advice sector, the increasingly intricate legal system and the high fees charged by law firms have made the access to the legal system very strenuous to ordinary people. Our fellow citizens who are working hard and paying taxes, who are raising children, who have lost their job or have become long-term ill or disabled, or who have found themselves in other difficult life circumstances, the very people who represent our nation and believe in our democratic values, are struggling to access and enforce their legal rights. We passionately believe that this needs to change and that is the main reason why we have set up AdviceZone.


Although, free advice is available, the providers are often underfunded and overstretched.  As a consequence, more often than not, there are long waits for advice appointments, the time allocated for appointments is often restricted or inconvenient, there are often long journeys to access the free services, etc.

To meet the ever-growing demand for advice, the free advice sector is frequently forced to signpost their customers to online advice resources.  However, searching the internet for free advice could also be time consuming and finding the right information about your specific query could be confusing and not always straightforward.

Those who decide to seek legal advice could end up paying even when they don’t receive a satisfactory answer and may have to continue seeking help elsewhere even after they paid. On the other hand, some solicitors might charge clients even if the matter could be resolved through self-help.

Our team has over 15 years of experience of working in the advice sector including, but not limited to: leading UK advice charities, private legal practices in the UK and abroad, international legal experience, etc. We are proud of our extensive academic and professional qualifications, such as MPhil in Law, Master of Law degrees, Bachelor of Law degrees, CILEX qualification, etc.  We truly believe that our team’s exceptional professional and academic background combined with our ethics and latest technologies, enables us to produce best results for our customers. Offering best service possible is important to us because we believe that knowing and understanding your legal rights will help you make the right choices in life and protect yourself and your family.


AdviceZone is aimed at those who want to know and enforce their rights without having to waste time or money.  We are committed to provide excellent customer service and deliver fast, comprehensive and affordable advice in the areas of welfare benefits, employment, housing, family and money claims (small court claims), so that you are well informed and empowered to deal with your legal queries.

We are confident that our service is easy to access to anyone who can navigate the internet. We use the latest technology which enables our customers to fully explain their queries in their own words and we inform all our customers right from the start if we can help.  We will never charge you before we are sure we can help and we will never waste your time.  Once you decide that we are the right people to help you and order an answer from us, you will receive a comprehensive and professional advice via email usually within hours at an affordable and fixed price of only £14.99.

Most of us have been in situations when we needed advice about difficult situation in life, but felt that there was no one to turn to. So, if you need that little helping hand, just click on your law zone and see how we can help you.

We have set up AdviceZone because we want to offer an alternative to the existing advice services.

The recent Legal Aid cuts, the local authority funding cuts to the public advice services, the increasingly complex legal system and the high fees charged by law firms, made the access to the advice services very difficult for ordinary people.

We believe it is no longer acceptable for hard-working citizens and those coping with difficult life circumstances to struggle to access and enforce their legal rights.

We think it’s time for change because we passionately believe that in a modern, democratic society everyone should be able to access, understand and use their legal rights.

Our mission is to provide a viable alternative to the existing advice services, whether free or paid.

While free advice services have a prominent place in today’s society, sadly, these services are often underfunded and overstretched.  As a result, there could be inconvenient times, restricted locations and long waiting times for appointments. Furthermore, to cope with ever-growing demands, customers are often signposted on confusing and disappointing online advice journeys.

On the other side of the spectrum, the law firms and other legal professionals demand high legal fees, often unaffordable for people on average incomes.

AdviceZone offers high-quality advice that is affordable, accessible and fast.

Our team has strong connections with the advice sector as well as extensive professional experience and in-depth knowledge about how the advice sector works.  We are also proud of our team’s professional qualifications, such as Bachelor of Law degrees, CILEX, Master of Law degrees, and MPhil in Law.

The foundations of our work are our genuine passion for delivering the best advice service possible and our desire to create a positive impact on the life of each customer that uses our services.