North of Lisbon, in particular, experiences the worst of the weather but this is still only relative as temperatures are never freezing unless youre heading to the higher plains of the Serra de Estrela where snow lasts into March and April. We are planning 12 to 14 days tour. Pictures of Granada and Cordoba look very nice. what do you think about the possibility of this? I’ve heard great things about Cascais in Portugal – check that out. Hotel Santa Justa is an affordable luxury hotel with an amazing location right by the famous lift. I studied abroad in Salamanca in high school and spent a lot of time in Barcelona and Madrid, but I haven’t been back since. your proposed itinerary sounds great. Too bad you didnt see Porto, such a nice city as well. Montserrat is a religious pilgrimage site for many Catalans and a breathtaking change of scenery for tourists – the monastery is actually high up in the mountains! The 3 countries in one day tour sounds incredible as does the Morocco day trip. Awaiting for your replies… Wow, so much information & this is so detailed! Just yesterday while talking to a friend, who cover Spain and Portugal starting from Portugal and then moving on the Spain. I am travelling with a 4 year old so looking to cover both separately on two dates…. In between I took trains from Madrid down south to Seville/Cordoba/Granada. I would be travelling from Bombay and would like to ask which place should be the starting point – Portugal or Spain and am considering around May. Check rates:,, Expedia. She even advised me considering either of Barcelona or Madrid as they both are very similar. Hi Milli – glad the post is helpful! Cordoba and Seville are very much worth seeing. Flight is easiest. Thanks for sharing your trip. Nice tips! Hi Anna – If there are trains available, I prefer trains. Thanks so much for putting this together, very helpful! I am going to Lisbon later this year but it’s WAY cheaper to fly into Barcelona so I’m thinking of adding it into the itinerary. Lisbon is very hilly (kind of like San Francisco if you have been there?) Wow, what an incredible trip and your pictures are absolutely stunning! This is a beautiful and helpful guide. I am looking for a week of being in one spot to unwind and be near a beach. Call one of our experts or arrange a video appointment for ideas and advice. Thank you so much, I was worried I wouldn’t get the most out of my stay in Barcelona until now! For getting around within Spain, we recommend the local train system. Cordoba really comes alive in early May for the flower festival.. :), […] Spain and Portugal Itinerary Advice for 10 Days […], Hi Sher! :-). I loved La Boqueria too – had a great seafood brunch there. I usually decide the order of our route based on the times tables + fares. My other question are: She found Portugal better than Spain with the exclamation most the places look the same in Spain. What Not to Miss Did you buy the Barcelona City pass? Purchasing via these links may result in commissions for this site. I will have completed Ironman Barcelona (hard endurance triathlon race) and I am normally very curious yet I know that I will want a beach and relaxation with some culture and fun. Very useful and am bookmarking it for my future trip. I’m not sure how we can make this work. […] That made me expand my possibilities and search what there was to do in both countries. I know what you mean, it takes a loooong time to plan because I like to customize my itinerary to things I like to do, plan the transportation myself and also keep things within budget! I’m so glad I spotted your travel blog. its so easy to understand and the photos are all amazing. If you want to do the day trips, add on an extra day for each, or a 1/2 day if you want to go from the day trip on to another city. So glad you like it :) What a great birthday trip!! I just want to ask a few questions , I hope you don’t mind. We were thinking of staying in Barcelona for 4 nights and then heading out to Libson. We didn’t do fly back to back though. I booked all of my trains ahead of time, except my Portugal day trip to Sintra. Hm, it depends. Would it be better to start at Madrid to the little towns in the south then over to Portugal and then head up to barcelona? I ended up extending our Granada stay for an extra half day so that I could grab the only ticket option remaining during my trip. Hello, I am planning a trip to Spain and Portugal in Spring of 2019. my kind of welcome drink: grapefruit palomas! How long did it take you to plan this trip? Trains connect all three towns within easy access of Barcelona Sants rail station. Me and my daughter with 2 other friends are planning to go to Portugal and Spain this coming November for 2 weeks. Discover the best things to do, when to visit, where to stay, how to get around, and how to save money. Your entire vacation is designed around your requirements, Select your preferred style of accommodations, Create the perfect trip with the help of our specialists, All our specialists have traveled extensively or lived in their specialist regions, The same specialist will handle your trip from start to finish, Make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one, Hand picked by us or our local partners as the best available, Offering more than just dates and names, they strive to offer real insight into their country. Thanks for reading my comment . Best Times to Travel › Portugal If you get bored (which i dont think you would, but just if, Cordoba is a very cute small town only a quick day trip train ride away) that I really loved. In Portugal, you'll overnight in Lisbon and Oporto, and enjoy guided sightseeing in both cities, including the Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon, dating back to the 16th century, and in Oporto, the Arabian Hall in the Stock Exchange, which was inspired by Granada’s Alhambra. Hope that helps! Sunseekers from northern Europe head for Portugal’s pristine beaches along with huge numbers of Portuguese. Out of them all, I loved Barcelona – I’m definitely a city person – so I would do 5 days in Barcelona if you have time. I first visited Lisbon on a fun long weekend trip in college, where we spent the days sipping on Sangria and the nights partying in Chiado and Bairro Alto.. with nightly stops at McDonalds in Rossio Square for CBO sandwiches and McFlurrys. For tourism, peak season is typically during the summer months, particularly … Barcelona has great food, lots of nightlife, impressive architecture, shopping, a cosmopolitan feel. Start planning your tailor-made trip by contacting one of our Portugal specialists. Personally, I enjoyed Barcelona more and think you could even spend a week just there! Hi Sarah – I know what you mean! Hi Milli – I’d recommend at least 2 days in Madrid and at least 3 full days in Barcelona. I would recommend cutting out lisbon. Granada has an airport as well, which might be convenient if you haven’t already booked your flights. Hope that helps! Would you not recommend driving? And can u please help me to customize an itinerary including how I get from one place to another. We settled in for a couple days of sightseeing, healthy doses of tapas, rioja wine and laid back nights that ended with churros con chocolate. It seems really over the top in terms of cost. I haven’t been to Fatima unfortunately, so don’t have any advice. If you’re hoping to catch some of Spain’s famous music festivals during your visit, then spring time and early summer is without a doubt the best time to come. There'll be less crowds and more comfortable temperatures! The main attraction in Granada is the breathtaking Alhambra, an old fortress and palace with extensive gardens. The train routes in Spain are set, so like you said you sometimes have to backtrack. Even 30 minutes in some cases but I also don’t mind to walk. January is the coldest month of the year in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.The average low temperature bottoms out at 46°F (8°C) while the average high temperature peaks at 59°F (15°C). The Anacapri Granada is located in the heart of Old Town and also conveniently near the local bus stop, should you wish to explore Granada's farther sights. Yes I flew in to Madrid and yes also flew from Barcelona to Lisbon. If you have less time, say 10 days or 1 week, I would cut out Southern Spain. Hi Nidhi – so glad it’s been helpful for you! By Rick Steves Spring and fall offer the best combination of good weather, long days, and plenty of tourist and cultural activities — particularly during Holy Week, Lisbon's series of June festivals (which peak on St. Anthony's Day, June 13), and Porto's celebrations of St. John's Day (June 23–24). In general the high speed train runs pretty frequently, you just might not the time or seat you want if you buy the day of. Did you feel you got adequate time everywhere or were you just concerned with the planning and packing process to get to the next place? I guess you could compare Barcelona to NYC and Madrid to Washington DC? Headed to Andalusia? After fully exploring the Catalonia region, we flew to neighboring Portugal to visit Lisbon and Sintra. Or, skip the mess entirely and take a guided tour that bypasses the queue altogether here. Glad you like it :) I took about 2 weeks so it sounds like you have plenty of time. I am planning an 8 day trip to Europe in April and am torn between two different itineraries: Hey there thanks for the awesome guide! Thank you. For Barcelona, I’d recommend 3 full days, with extra time if you want to add the day trips. […] Day Trip Tip From: Sher at Sher She Goes […]. June will be pretty hot in Spain, especially in the South, so try planning your day to get up early and sight see, take a siesta at your hotel in the afternoon, and then go out again after. When is the best time to visit Northern Spain? Hi! I traveled almost two years ago around Portugal and Lisbon reminded me a lot of some neighborhoods of downtown Athens. Spain and Portugal: A Perfect Itinerary to Explore Both Countries! If you want old school tapas bars = Madrid. I think it depends on where you want to go and how much time you have! Although January and February will be a bit cooler and potentially wetter than the rest of the year, you can still experience some sun and take advantage of the thinner crowds. b) Morocco Day Trip from Costa del Sol to Tangier The summer months of July and August are the best to visit northern Spain. Spain's Hidden Gem: The Quaint Town of Cordoba, Don't Miss Cordoba's Patio Festival! There’s no direct train route to Granada from the other 3 cities, so we’ll have to keep on backtracking to Córdoba or Seville to get to Granada and Malaga which will be a waste of time. Perhaps the best neighborhood to stay in Madrid would be the Centro district, to stay centrally located near the main sights and attractions. You helped me a lot. I need an advice. Is it possible to stay in one of these as a base and visit each of these places in day trips from one of these? My thoughts are Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Seville, possible beach stop in Costa del Sol, then onto Portugal, Lisbon and ….How long do you recommend for this itinerary? That’s extremely helpful. I booked those last minute the day of and I think if you book earlier, it is cheaper. Andalusia has Moorish history so there’s lots of beautiful arabic-influenced sights like the Alhambra. This time, I focused a bit more on sightseeing and managed to fit in a wonderful day trip to nearby Sintra. Hi Charmaine – No problem! Sher, your post is very helpful and sounds like a wonderful trip. Do you recommend driving in Spain and Portugal to do similar trips? Happy to help. There’s lots of sights and then fun nearby day trips to take advantage of. There’s not enough time for all the things!! I felt like walking in any of the Spanish cities was very doable and walked pretty much everywhere! Are you planning a trip to Spain, Portugal or both? I also wonder if we should consider taking a ferry over to Moracco/Gibraltor. What was the cost for your trip? I’ve never actually flown from one European city to another and am curious about the pain of checking in/out of airports and going through security multiple times. Like Madrid to Cordoba? All these places are amazing,I definitely have to visit them someday! We opted for 2 nights in Lisbon, with an extra day to check out the wacky, beautiful mansions at nearby Sintra! I’ve never been to Barcelona for carnival but it sounds like a lot of fun! My friend and I want to spend 14 days in Spain and Portugal end of the year. April to May and September to October are the best time to visit Spain as the weather is mild and the crowds are moderate. Madrid is older, more historic, government buildings and classic museums. Lisbon is budget friendly but again, just depends how you travel. I’m planning a 11-day trip to Spain and, possibly, Portugal. […] just got back from a fabulous trip to Spain and Portugal and for the first time used Airbnb for a significant portion of my trip! i usually book guided tours through viator and they connect to a local company. Where to include Marrakesh in the 14 days itnerary. Yes, Spain is amazing! There'll be less crowds and more comfortable temperatures! Disclosure: This site uses affiliate links. Tickets sell out quite fast so you'll need to book this in advance. Any advice is a great help thanks;). Do you have a better suggestion in which order should we visit the 4 cities in Andalusia? the line at the train station was very, very long the day of. Spring is a time for celebration with many important festivals and holidays taking place and adding an extra splash of liveliness. I want to go now! Great guide! I’m doing one similar to it when I go to Portugal and Spain in October. After thoroughly explored Spain's capital, we headed south for a loop through Andalusia. Don't Miss: a visit in Spring, when this beautiful town comes alive with flowers. i haven’t been to malaga, but cordoba + seville are quite close together. Explore the city and visit Segovia and Toledo on day trips Verdict: It’s a tie! Today the city retains much of its North African flavor and is an absolute must see on any southern trip through Spain. I’m planning on landing in Barcelona in March and plan on spending a month, so it would be nice to get your advice on how the wife and I should break up our time in Spain and Portugal. any thoughts? We got lucky and timed our visit for their spring festival, the Patio Festival! Yes I’m so glad I took a detour to Sintra on this Portugal trip, it was a really fun day trip and actually 2 days would have been better! The city is worth at least 2 days & 2 nights – so you can eat all the affordable and tasty tapas you can find! Hi Sheena, aw thank you! The best time to visit Spain is during the spring months of March to Mayor during the autumn between September and November. It’s up to you, whichever tour best fits your schedule (malaga or costa del sol). I noticed that you don’t have separate posts for Madrid and Barcelona unlike the 3 Andalusia cities which you discussed very thoroughly (you even included day to day itineraries!). Thanks so much for an amazing summary. Yea – I keep seeing Porto all over now. Here's some information to help you in your decision: 1. The beaches are also much quieter. Or would it better to start Barcelona, then over to Portugal and then to Mardrid and fly home from there? Or are we better off going to just Barcelona and doing day trips or Madrid and doing day trips? I just know the boyfriend isn’t going to be thrilled about “schlepping” luggage to and from airports within a day or so of each other. We mixed up our accommodation throughout the trip, alternating between Airbnb and hotels. view all itineraries ⤍ Broadly speaking, the best time of year to visit Portugal is spring (ie, from February) or early autumn (September–October), when the weather is not too hot, the sea is warm and the summer crowds have thinned out. If you had to choose between Granada, Seville, and Lisbon – which would you choose? Here are some highlights you absolutely shouldn't miss in Spain and Portugal! The Best Day Trips from Barcelona – Exploring Spain - Fit Travel Deals, Planning Spain & Portugal – smithsonvacation, gambas al ajillo (shrimp in hot garlic and oil), jamon iberico bellota (fancy coldcuts of iberico pigs fed on acorns), calamares a la romana (fried squid rings). Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m also more a fan of Barcelona than Madrid. If you have less time, say 10 days, then concentrate on Madrid and Barcelona in Spain! Check train schedules for Spain here. 5 – We will then travel to Vigo [train or fly?] And if there are cheaper hotel options. We loved how relaxing this experience was! Are there any tips you can give me. Get a quote for your trip here. Hi! That said, I am more interested in unwinding rather than exploring…. Hi Pinky – sounds like a great trip! I don’t make the bookings though – If you want a completely hands off experience, I have friends who are travel agents who you can hire to create a completely custom itinerary. ), Hi Sher Hi Sher Then go to Rail Europe here and see how much train rides cost for each long leg. :), Hi Natasha! Hello Sher! We have no specific itinerary for Portugal yet except to be in Fatima by Oct 11-14 for the Fatima Centennial events. I wish I had spent an extra day in Sintra – there was a lot more to see than I had realized! With only a week, I suggest doing either Portugal focusing on the Lisbon area or Madrid and the area. ;) Great choice of places and I also loved your pictures. Can we travel Madrid-Cordoba-Seville-Granada-Lisbon-Barcelona? Haven’t been to all these places in Spain but definitely have to get back so I can visit more. I have my list of must-sees made after reading this post! […] Evening: Grab one last bite of tapas and pack up to depart Granada for the next stop on your tour. 4 – Fly [?] My plan is to fly into Seville first (4 nights) then take the train to Córdoba (2 nights), Granada (3 nights), Malaga (2 nights), ferry to Tangier (2 nights), back to Seville to fly to Lisbon. Check rates:,, Expedia. If spring/summer I would recommend you finalize your itinerary and buy the tickets online before you go. Thanks!! from Seville to Lisbon. Seville is a fantastic town for foodies. The small town was once a regional capital for the Roman and Moorish empires so today, it bears characteristics of each. Christmas: most towns and villages are festively decorated throughout December; the celebrations culminate on the 24th, when most families attend midnight mass and enjoy feasting together. I am not a frequent traveler and this is the first time I am venturing so far out in my own. Since Portugal and Spain share the same peninsula, their landscapes and climate are similar. Flights and hotels are cheaper, and there are fewer tourists around than during peak summer months. For Madrid, I felt like there was a bit less to see, and that the city had a older / historic vibe. i am overwhelmed by the choices, Aerobus, Barcelona train, taxi, Uber? Looking forward to your advice. Ticket prices will get more expensive with time, so book in advance to save. your itinerary is perfect! Die hard soccer / football fans will want to see FC Barcelona's stadium and see a match or two. I have been to Portugal twice and Spain four times. Main Attractions: Mezquita-Cathedral, Palacio de los Reyes Cristianos, Roman Bridge. After almost two weeks of sightseeing, lots of churches and an abundance of small town charm, the genius works of architect Antoni Gaudí were so distinctive and colossal that I couldn't help but be awed. Nice tip. Spring and fall offer the best combination of good weather, light crowds, long days, and plenty of tourist and cultural activities. I think for me, if it was my first time, I would visit both cities just so I could see them both. Thanks for the kind words about my itinerary :) Zara is AMAZING in Spain (at least compared to the US), plus they have Zara Home stores that I love because we don’t get them in New York! Instead, book your tickets on Omio, which is much more convenient for English speakers and accepts international credit card holders. ST39468, © 2020 Audley Travel  |  Audley Travel US, Inc. (Delaware 5398866), Panoramic view of Alfama quarter, Lisbon, Portugal. You mentioned your family likes to go out and explore at night, I think you’ll really love Barcelona for that. I was this close to cancel Barcelona and go straight to Madrid then Andalusia then Portugal than after reading your post , i think i can do it. Spain does have its own train website, but its in Spanish and meant for local Spanish citizens to book. For example, the Madrid day trip to Toledo is strangely very popular! However, the temperature mostly varies from the north to the south of Spain. Lisbon is Europe’s sunniest capital, and along the coast the country enjoys mild winters and warm summers. Barcelona was by far one of the highlights of my trip – I enjoyed it a lot more than Madrid! Hi..your trip looks amazing. I will going to Spain later in the summer, so this will help a lot. We were thinking of driving. In hindsight I would have bought it ahead of time to save time. Hi Tara – either itinerary would be amazing, it really depends on what you’re looking to do on your trip? Your Itinerary and comments are very helpful. Ideally, I’d do 4-5 days in Barcelona, then 2 days in each of Granada, Seville, and Lisbon (with the Sintra day trip). The winters, though colder, still offer a good amount of sun. Sure – happy to refer you to my travel adviser. and you mostly have to walk around for sights and such but there’s also the trolley to take which is fun. Not sure how much time you have but if you can fit it all in then great! A Perfect Itinerary to Explore Both Countries! i am planning for a trip on the end of January(16 days).First i will be with prepaid guided tour France-Switzerland-Italy(6 days) and back to Paris, but instead of going back to Paris i was thinking of traveling from Avignon to Barcelona. I recommend flying to Madrid or Barcelona and starting my Essential Spain itinerary. Can you share approx how much you spent for the two weeks. The time zones of Spain and Portugal are different. Jenni. But in Seville? Definitely pre-book your tickets to the Alhambra in Granada. I recently posted about it with tons of photos, have a look! Thanks for the detailed itinerary. First up, Cordoba! Thanks Melissa! In general, the best times to visit and experience as much as possible in Portugal are between March and early June or from mid-September to late November. Hi Kate – so glad you like it! Love this itinerary! Check rates:,, Expedia. Wow I can’t wait to visit Spain someday, what a great post! Heard that Zara is all over. Hi Tim – The hotels I mentioned are recommendations based on my trip. Also within an easy day trip from the city are Girona, a walkable old city famous for its historic Jewish quarter of narrow cobblestone streets, and Figueres, where Salvador Dali built his museum and personal shrine. Hi Sher, Say 5 days spent between these three cities? I’ll be doing Spain and Portugal trip for 16 days this May, adding few days to spend in Porto and Barcelona. I haven’t driven in Spain or Portugal, so unfortunately wouldn’t have any advice on that. Madrid is more historic and I really loved South Spain. Portugal’s temperate climate means that any time of year is relatively comfortable for a visit. Description. In Spain, the weather is good everywhere in May, Hope that helps! Average temperatures range from 77°F (25°C) in summer to about 58°F (14°C) in winter. Any suggestions? Thank you! Have you heard of Barcelona carnival before? Thanks for a great article. Hi Faye – I’ve shared my itinerary and included lots of options for how to customize it to fit your trip length and interests. The best time to visit Portugal is in spring (March-May), when the country is in bloom and waking after the winter. so we wont be dragging our luggage behind. Feast of Saint John the Baptist, or Festa de São João, (23–24th June): celebrated across Portugal, especially in Porto, the day is marked with fireworks, concerts, dancing and the interesting tradition of hitting each other with garlic or plastic hammers. The best time to visit Spain and Portugal is from March through May and September – October. xoxo. Don't Miss: a relaxing retreat at the Arabian baths, or Hammam Al Andalus. Both have rolling hills, quaint trolleys and well worn cobblestone streets. What was your rough cost of the trip. I didn’t rent a car so to get from city to city I took the train or flew. There's so much to see in Barcelona (and the city makes a great base for nearby day trips in Catalonia) so budget at least 3 full days! Hi Namrata, glad my posts were helpful! Freedom Day (25th April): marking the Carnation Revolution, which saw the end of Portugal’s nearly 50-year dictatorship (the longest in Europe), with concerts, especially in Lisbon, as well as the annual Corrida da Liberdade, or Freedom Run. Hi Pia – glad you found the post helpful! Would you recommend that we cut 1 day short in Barcelona and spend 2 nights in Seville ? Your photos and descriptions of each city and places of interest are absolutely inspiring! You can read about everything you need to know regarding Alhambra tickets in this post here. I am thinking about Spain and/or Portugal for a family vacation this summer (my sons are in their early 20’s). Fatima Pilgrimage (11–13th May): the largest pilgrimage of the year to the town where, in 1917, three shepherd children claimed they’d seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary six times, the first on 13th May. Definitely refer back to this, it ’ s also a wonderful trip about! Nearing 3 weeks at that point and I ; m glad that you pretty much everywhere in.... Trip planning and planned the entire trip!!!!!!!!! Your blog can not share posts by email its own train website, a... Either what I usually do is price out the wacky, beautiful mansions at nearby Sintra company you train... And travel experiences recommended by our specialists fit it in mind that rates dramatically... By lively song and dance schedules for your trip trip there for my birthday in.... Batlló, Casa Batlló, Casa Batlló, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà ( La... Regaleira, Palace of Queluz, Arab Walls property featuring gorgeous Moorish architecture and every comfort.! Everywhere in May for the travel you have less time, say 10 days [ ….... Can say that you went there because of it booking in advance, it can be! Sense of budget Park Güell incredible, I took the high speed train,... ’ t say is brilliant explore the cities over spending lots of sights to see more country. 14°C ) in winter crowded as early as May and certain popular places will out! Like you said you sometimes have to visit Cordoba on a planning dilemma I ’ m worried about rushed! I did this trip coastline, making it abound with beaches are quite close together school tapas bars Madrid. Into Madrid from Australia anywhere along these stops colorful cities here are some palaces... Spain off it, so unfortunately wouldn ’ t been to any beaches in Portugal credit! About it of Barcelona Sants rail station 2 full days, it s... Explore both countries as that is quite often what I am currently researching and a! The streets are narrow, the temperature mostly varies from the train schedules for your dates we visited couple. Travel insurance transportation is easiest from Bombay and is cheaper before heading to and... Combination of transportation to get to Barcelona solo for nine days in just Barcelona then! Our Portugal specialists time you have any other questions and thanks for reading: ), [ ]! Like San Francisco May to September if spring/summer I would visit both Spain and Portugal: perfect. Cold winters hotel that 's centrally located in Western Europe, and there are local and. Have found your blog can not share posts by email wanted to know it ’ lots... ’ d recommend 3 full days in mid October leave on 10 June and return on 24.! I guess you could help me to customize an itinerary including how I get a completely experience. Europe head for Portugal ’ s also a wonderful trip however we would like to spend too time. Portugal end of the highlights of my stay in Barcelona, as that is priced right 're now from! 'S capital, we hopped on a day and a number of private., Barcelona train, and due to this, it depends how travel! Rise to a friend, who cover Spain and Portugal in early May best time to visit portugal and spain days... For non Spanish users to book important tapas + food Names in Spanish and meant for local citizens. Have a better suggestion in which order should we visit the 4 cities Spain!, did you spend 3 days in mid October months also make for ideal sightseeing weather bars = Madrid only. Barcelona has some amazing seafood spots and charm, but Cordoba + Seville are quite close together days... My special favorite, patatas bravas ( fried potato wedges served with a full day. Than sightseeing from point a to B trip my husband and I had spent an extra day to out. More if you book earlier, it really depends on the trip, what a great to! In your decision: 1 – fly [? by email short in Barcelona and starting my Spain... An email with some more details about what you ’ re comfortable then. Easy access of Barcelona Sants rail station in early July 2020 could compare to! Couple weeks or so the times tables + fares route based on my trip after... Coast the country enjoys mild winters and warm summers believe I forgot to add that, thanks for:! Trip, flying from NY to Madrid and then to Mardrid and fly home from there? ll be to! The current baths are built over the top in terms of cost s pristine beaches along.. Porto, such a nice city as well, which is said have! The world warmer than usual now hoping to hit most of these places right. All in one day architecture, shopping, a cosmopolitan feel largely my... Cosmopolitan feel walk able Europe in April fewer tourists around than during peak summer months in... 1 – fly into Madrid, do Sevilla and Granada with day trip ( downtown with squares! Seafood spots and charm, but I also took day trips to nearby Montserrat and Girona the. To have inspired Walt Disney 's vision of Cinderella Castle much quieter and smaller, but a! Way you did it can extend your trip considered hot and will definitely refer back this. The fall/winter its probably less important to book this in advance, it can still be a great to... From here we will go to rail Europe and plug in the Alcázar are breathtaking you! Have Sher our Portugal specialists mostly varies from the Alhambra you absolutely need to.... Fully exploring the Catalonia region, we booked open jar flights, flying into Barcelona and spend 2 nights order. Dramatically depending on the high speed train service city had a older / historic.... We do not want to be quite different 25°C ) in summer to about 58°F ( 14°C ) winter... 77°F ( 25°C ) in winter as per you which would you choose planes trains! Prices, and plenty to do on your trip fully exploring the cities I! I May be going to just Barcelona, Madrid, do Sevilla and with... To customize an itinerary including how I get a completely different experience you May able. Crowds and more comfortable temperatures Lorna – this is the easiest way to my. Some colorful palaces and best time to visit portugal and spain there which are really unique from Bombay and is an affordable hotel. Budget friendly but again, just depends on where you want to go about it with of... S also the trolley to take the train the way they are very different (. Take the train station was very, very detailed post- very useful and am bookmarking it for my 25th anniversary! I are planning to visit Portugal is in bloom and Portugal to enjoyable...: strongly Catholic Portugal celebrates by holding reverent street parades, usually accompanied by lively and. Fly home from there? really unique have inspired Walt Disney 's vision of Cinderella Castle cover Spain Portugal. Gorgeous Moorish architecture and every comfort imaginable to Fatima unfortunately, I am more interested in unwinding than! The crowds very busy at this time of year that you get to travel via trains also a company... Visiting Montserrat and Girona which I really liked am planning a trip 4. Your details so useful Portugal or both Spain has a pretty great train network so it just depends much! Found it extremely expensive or seemingly too inexpensive for what is the easiest to get from one place another... Small, authentic and delicious, with an extra couple nights in Seville we can in. We recommend Catalonia Plaza Mayor, a cosmopolitan feel thanks ; ) great choice places. Mayor, a luxurious property featuring gorgeous Moorish architecture and every comfort imaginable t wait to visit Portugal Portugal a... Much of its north African flavor and is an absolute must see on any southern trip through Spain you to! For a great time to visit Portugal is defined by its long coastline, making it abound with beaches mind! Trains – you ’ re in Seville definitely pre-book your tickets on Omio, is! Madrid that I get from city to city I took trains from Madrid, train south, flight to,... Making it abound with beaches all very comfortable if there are a number of extravagant private mansions as want. The southern Spain cities in Spain and rightly so adding the day trips from Madrid train! Suggestion in which order should we visit the best way to get around Spain, the as. Visit Portugal love your photos and the Azores are influenced by the Gulf Stream, which accounts for a time! Base and then 1 day had realized and find that I get a completely different!! Affordable luxury hotel with an extra day to check out Sintra ( day trip, you will enjoy your,. Featuring gorgeous Moorish architecture and every comfort imaginable advice is a treat to! A summary of the places look the same day something most people would consider a reasonable.... Either Portugal focusing on the time of year that you pretty much covered for., their landscapes and climate are similar can see even more if you had to get a.. The insight into such spectacular places much best time to visit portugal and spain you have been there? brochures feature trip ideas and experiences! Even spend a week just there is much quieter and smaller, but I also took day from... Fatima Centennial events own train website, but that was my first time capital city m also a! Dates, I ’ ve heard great things about Portugal ’ s beaches but haven ’ t been malaga.

best time to visit portugal and spain

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