Queen Of Audio Mojito Review: Lovely Vocals!. The ear capsules are oval-shaped thankfully, the oval earpads are plush and pliable. Why’s that? At 32 ohm and 112 dB SPL/V means this headphone will be driven by anything. I’ll eventually review that model as well. Sub-bass impact is not something this headphone does. But it lacks the slam and punch. For a quick overview, the simple view also gives you the opportunity to evaluate the sound characteristics of the test candidate at a glance. For example, listening to the high-toned percussion of “Dreizehenspecht” (Dominik Eulberg, “Manifold”) on my Phonon SMB-02 reference headphones, there is clearly more three-dimensional information and a much more finely drawn sound than with the K361. AKG K361 Over Ear Closed Back Studio Headphones Whether you’re an artist, engineer, podcaster or beat maker, you’re always in creative mode. Link AKG Audio on Tumbler. Zur Gestensteuerung auf dem Mittelteil der linken Ohrmuschel nutzt der K361-BT HFP, HSP und AVRCP. So, this headphone is not for bassheads. Musicians and DJs who like to have one ear free when performing would also appreciate this feature. Link AKG Acoustics on Youtube. AKG K361 - AKG launched the duo of K361 and K371, two closed studio headphones which are characterised by nice design, moderate pricing and good sound. AKG K361. There are no awkward peaks in the spectrum that catches the attention. The overall sound is balanced and I have very few things to complain about. But on the flip side, the pads are not as deep as I’d like them to be. The headband height adjustment uses the standard click mechanism and has plenty of height adjustment. In addition, the extra spiral connection cable of the K371 has been omitted on the K361; it only comes with two straight 3- and 1.2-metre cables. Firstly, it means that the audible band is more likely to be flat, instead of rolling off at the limits of our hearing. The AKG K361 is a highly resolving portable headphone that can be used extensively in studios for mixing. They were once almost exclusively the tools of people in various working environments. The first thing that jumps out is its resolving power given its price. All thoughts and opinions are my own. AudioSense DT200 IEM Review: Smooth & Boring, Anode Acoustics Solid State Amplifier Sound Analysis, FiiO Q3 Portable DAC/AMP Photographed & Quick Review, Moonbuds Super Nightingale V2 Review:- The Best Just Got Better. Small details that would have been lost in the mix otherwise is shoved in your ear. It is slightly brighter compared to neutral but never uncontrolled and it accurately reflects the quality of the recording. If the recording is poor, the K361 is brutal and unforgiving. The heat build-up under the ear pads has to be taken into account, but you get a relatively good shielding against external noise, which is necessary for recording as well as for concentrated listening. The sub-bass rumble is rarely felt and it lacks texture. The rubberized plastic is good quality and doesn’t feel scratchy. Review: AKG K371 - King of Budget Closed-Backs - Headphonesty The MSRP is around €149.- but retail price (2020) is between €85.- and €100.- You can hear and feel the sub bass frequencies when called for, with ease, and it is relatively quick. So, to the headphones. Bluetooth 5.0 unterstützt der Funkkopfhörer, dazu mit SBC und AAC zwei wichtige Codecs, allerdings keine der apt-X-Varianten. In the last 50 years, headphones have changed. These are mostly trivial things like the proprietary connector, where – unlike the mini-XLR standard – not every cable can be used; the lack of a coiled cable, which would be an advantage for studio use; and the sound, which is a bit less impressive than the K371. Their headband deserves some credit too. Now their little brother, K361, gets into the ring as well. The form factor when worn is discreet and minimalistic, which doesn’t draw attention in public. It still amazes me that the K361 is just 99$. It is neither thick and lush, nor is it recessed. Beginner audiophiles who aren’t bassheads, yearning for a balanced sounding headphone must definitely check this out. Today, we’ll review the smaller of the two, the K361 which is a very promising Headphone under 100$. At first glance, the AKG K 271 MKII doesn’t seem to be that unusual, but it does ha… HP60 Mk III Studio Headphones. A written content may appear here from time to time however, all content will be posted on the YouTube channel first and foremost. Music for testing your headphones: Our Spotify playlist.
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