hJc_G��f�`�ٗ�. The Springfield Art Museum, MO, has unveiled plans that will see it become a “world-class” art museum with a multi-story structure and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. While there are many 1. The records come as the art museum prepares for a previously announced $19 million expansion and improvement plan. 2336 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<5992648E2942C948AC97552DF262CA06><37B0B5C884775D4D96D97C830BF6E79B>]/Index[2322 26]/Info 2321 0 R/Length 84/Prev 415896/Root 2323 0 R/Size 2348/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Museum of Art’s 2018–2027 Strategic Plan. Sarah Schroth Mary D.B.T. 0 Forward planning template from Museums Australia (Victoria) can be used as a basis for developing your own strategic Plan.Action Plan examples are found in section 5. Dedicated to documenting the diverse cultural heritage of the people of southwest Missouri, the Springfield Art Museum collection is housed in an existing 51,000 SF facility. �\�L&�j]_rT�E>]l�\��|)G'S�j׵����բj�d$�%?|4>� 1 In 2017, the museum board and staff determined that the 2014–2017 plan’s seven strategic directions are still relevant and require the museum’s continuing attention. American Alliance of Museums 2016-2020 Strategic Plan AAM’s 2016-2020 strategic plan is the result of an 18-month effort of our staff and board of directors. We care about what our buildings do and how they positively impact lives. Taking the changing world our audience lives in as its context, and as we approach the National Gallery’s bicentenary in 2024, this Strategic Plan By 2022, the Smithsonian will build on its unique strengths to engage and to inspire more people, where they are, with greater impact, while catalyzing critical conversation on issues affecting our nation and the world. Sustainable Consulting The original George Kessler and Hare & Hare design of Phelps Grove featured a lake on the current museum site that has been changed over time. Our mission is the art of understanding. 2322 0 obj <> endobj Since then, it has been the guiding force for initiatives and programs. The Springfield Art Museum is gearing up for a year filled with new exhibits, both locally and internationally famous. A generous gift of $10,000 to the Museum from Ruth Kunkel Bayley dedicated to art education for disadvantaged youth has been accepted and matched by 100% of the Museum’s Board of Trustees. Our Vision. We are passionate about generous design, it inspires people and changes the world. Through an integrated process of collaborative discovery, we create transformative, living design that leads to vital and healthy organizations and communities. Workplace Planning The Springfield Art Museum unveiled a new 30-year master plan to City Council Oct. 9. The University of Colorado Art Museum provides a forum for exchanging ideas, inspiring collaboration and fueling imagination through art. In the fall of 2017, the museum hired BNIM to develop a master plan focused on three areas of study for growth: renovation, replacement, and/or expansion of the existing Education Wing; renovation of the At this time, The Museum will remain open to walk-in traffic during normal hours of operation. Just like in planning other strategic plans, the strategic planning process of a museum may require time. We insist on being excellent – in execution, performance and results. Ultimately the amphitheater will become a passage to one of the additions, a large event and exhibition center, positioned to connect the museum to Phelps grove on the west. We believe in the power of art and will continue to strive to be a meeting place of world cultures. This five-year Strategic Plan, launched in 2017, outlines the direction and priorities for the Smithsonian. The Springfield Art Museum has cancelled all public programs and events until May 11 to assist in efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. Committed to the value of creative Research, Public Recognition Award, AIA Springfield Design Awards. The new vision for this area revives the lake and nearby Fassnight Creek, incorporating both into key landscape design areas to highlight the natural beauty of the Ozarks. In the fall of 2017, the museum hired BNIM to develop a master plan focused on three areas of study for growth: renovation, replacement, and/or expansion of the existing Education Wing; renovation of the existing building to improve visitor and staff experience; and improvements to the campus to better connect the Museum to surrounding amenities. That holds true as the city gears up to break ground on the Fassnight Creek Stormwater Improvement project, the first phase of the Springfield Art Museum’s 30-year master plan.. Strategic Plan & Brand Strategy Mission/Purpose: the art of understanding We provide experiences that spark insight into ourselves, each other, and the world. The Division promotes Delaware arts events on www.DelawareScene.com. We promote integrated thinking and a collaborative dialogue of discovery. Museum History (2014-2019 strategic plan) The Springfield Art Museum is the city’s oldest cultural institution. During that process, we gathered input from more than 500 AAM members and non-members via 30 formal listening sessions. Strategic Planning Process. We deliver beautiful, integrated, living environments that inspire change and enhance the human condition. The art museum of Springfield's future will be a multi-story structure with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that will act as a community hub and a link between destinations. hޜVko;�+��*~�BJ�T�"� U���K���M�,�����m���c{^��ϱc� B cm&�I8���6X��Z�sB��yDB'�x� The CMA announces its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan. We also determined that two important aspects should be highlighted and treated with special The plan is built on three key elements: Art, Place, and Audience. Architecture Planning Inspired by the original 1958 museum parabolic wood roof, the new additions feature articulated roof canopies, or “roof blankets.” These shapes lift at entries, fold at areas of privacy, and overall emulate the flow of water in the nearby Fassnight Creek. SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Aligned with the planning process involved in our new spaces, museum staff and campus and community stakeholders engaged in a five-year strategic plan for the Hood Museum of Art (2017 through 2021), begun under the expert guidance of the consulting firm brightspot strategy. Strategic planning produces a mutually agreed-upon vision of where a museum is going and what it wants to achieve. We are looking for a dynamic, accomplished individual to serve as Museum Operations Manager.The Springfield Museum of Art became a Smithsonian Affiliate in 2012 and is now at the beginning of an ambitious strategic plan to fulfill its mission in line with this new, national affiliation. -�#ѯ~�rzZ���iW˳ۛZ����;�����*�-o�߫W=��^X���T7o������.�#㼕�mu����e׏�˟�G�*Za��9�E�W���}6��VM�O�5mm�4ͥe��jQ�w�/�O���,�����_ߕˢY��)%O��m���Ӿ^|ѕZٔ�^57�r%��8r���l���n��l�+9k�Q�n����j�O����f'x���l4!��z��G�S:[~����`|v�O�]���sc8����nV>�HXkr�#r�m{� َ��^kA8*�ql*�}(�X�5A9Y��,w��D��\��\T ���^V1`CDD�lv�3�!�D�E�ǎ�@�>c���喙��z�n�8�{�[�n6�N��uB�9�w`�6����6�g_O^�7{>�>���`���San���1��R8h�f�p��nEg�%�+}���f|�� (Z&@����Cיy СE@���0�Ax��;�}���C�(�"�!�h���>1!��<7���A�㐊=�0�K�&@ؖ�C��W�r&ة��>����[��mJ�8%�^J�z� ��(aQ�h�l/Ë�/��abs�e駲�����߰#fG����Ӌ�>���,��a����%�d� W��M��.
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