Below you will find an itinerary for the perfect two weeks in Argentina! The flight should take about 3.5 hours and cost around 66 USD. Plan your trip to Patagonia. Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip. When we visited the Patagonian regions of Chile & Argentina in February, we were fortunate to have the time to spend 17 full days on the ground, with 2 additional days for flying to and from the region. Description. You can either travel by rental car or take buses. Answer 1 of 11: Hi everyone, booking flights now and very excited about this trip!.. The two spent a couple of weeks hiking, sightseeing, ice walking, wildlife watching, and photo safariing in both Argentine and Chilean Patagonia. Two weeks in Chile should give you sufficient time to see the highlights, from the busy metropolis of Santiago, the quirky and colourful streets of Valparaíso, traditional life on Chiloé for both penguins and Chilotes, the jagged peaks of the Andes side by side the stretching glaciers in Patagonia and the dry dusty Atacama, where the formidable sunsets give way to the celestial skies. Print whole topic. Your 2 weeks in Argentina itinerary . I’m not saying that you’ll see the whole Patagonia in 3 weeks using this itinerary but I’m sure that it will allow you to see some of the best highlights Patagonian forest Traveller’s Guide to Chile. Patagonia isn’t a cheap place to travel, but it doesn’t have to decimate your wallet either. With one week you’ll be able to take it all in. This is the itinerary that I actually used for my travel. If you have 2 weeks in Patagonia, then you can adjust the itinerary below and do the 5 day W trek in Torres del Paine in Chile before heading to Patagonia Argentina. We’ve rounded up all the adventures you absolutely shouldn’t miss. On this two-week trip, you’ll visit many of the places that have made Chile an iconic destination for travelers and mountaineers alike: the Atacama Desert, the glaciers of Patagonia, and the colorful port city of … Classic Patagonia Itineraries Patagonia in 1 Week. Answer 1 of 7: Hello, This is very far off but have a plan to visit in Dec 2021 when hopefully borders open. Santiago and the Central Valley have mild winters and warm to hot summers so they are great places to visit all year round. How to spend two weeks in Southern Patagonia and what to visit in Patagonia (Chilean and Argentinian). Two weeks in Southern Patagonia. Two week itinerary for Tierra Del Fuego/Lower Patagonia. This itinerary includes a few days dedicated to traveling between regions, which is inevitable, but I try to limit the number of travel “legs” to 2 per day. Two week itinerary for Tierra Del Fuego/Lower Patagonia. 1. Day 5, El Calafate: Take a day to relax in this picturesque lakeside town. Plan your trip to Patagonia . You could obviously spend a lot more though. Because it takes so long to fly down to the region (it took us 30 hours! This is my tentative plan. Print current page. Send as an e-mail. Two Weeks in Patagonia Itinerary. Patagonia 2 Week Itinerary - Guidance. Note that if you are planning to do the W Trek (or the O Trek) in Patagonia in Chile during peak summer time (December that is), you should try to book all the refugios or camp sites 6 months in advance. Overview . Patagonia and other adventure travel destinations. As the most adventurous part of South America, Patagonia deserves some serious travel time. Close. Day 1 - 4: Adventure in the Patagonia Tierra del Fuego Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world and an ideal starting point for exploring the Argentine part of the region fire land , or Tierra del Fuego. From Ushuaia, you can fly directly to Buenos Aires via Aerolineas Argentinas from Ushuaia airport.
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